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Online Pharmacy Merchant Account

Online Pharmacy Merchant Account

Our processing solutions include the traditional online pharmacy merchant account and we have both Visa and the impossible to find MasterCard. We also offer processing solutions available for every type of medication. Plus we also offer a offshore pharmacy merchant account solution if you are looking for more discreet business solution.

Adult Merchant Account

Adult Merchant Account

No one but no one, can beat our adult merchant account rates . We are your one stop solution provider for the Absolute LOWEST DISCOUNT RATES. Safe Cashier has established long term direct banking connections with Class A banks in the US, Asia, and the Europe that specialize in adult acquiring. Our company can easily arrange for your site up to your own Direct MID with a rate as LOW 4.50% and for tier one volume sites a Merchant Discount Rate as LOW as 3.5%... can be offered but both rates are dependent on approved bank underwriting of your content and past processing history.

Online Casino Merchant Account

Online Casino Merchant Account

We offer online casino merchant account and banking solutions from Europe and Asia for gaming sites that require a online casino merchant account. Our network of International banks have also developed ... Very Special... Processing Solutions... for Casino, Poker or Sports book sites that may require specialty processing.

Replica Merchant Account

Replica Merchant Account

Safe Cashier always welcomes online business owners requiring a replica merchant account, we have the right safe and secure payment solution for your online business. Our company has always been a leader in supplying quality replica payment solutions.

Tobacco Merchant Account

High Risk Merchant Account

Obtaining credit card processing for a tobacco merchant account is getting harder and harder to acquire. This type of processing is clearly classified as a High Risk Merchant Account bu we can not offer our 100% merchant approval guarantee for this type of business because of the ever changing banking and government regulations. We also offer a offshore merchant account that may be of interest to you as well if you require more privacy.

Dating Merchant Account

Dating Merchant Account

Our processing company is a leading solution provider for providing Direct MIDs for your new dating merchant account plus we also offer the traditional 3rd party solution. We offer acquiring from major banks in both the US and Europe to make sure that you online business is very successful and you will be amazed at the discount rate that we can offer volume sites.


High Risk ACH

We offer both ACH and Check 21 for the US marketplace as well as (EFT) Electron Funds Transfer ( ACH for Canada) as a high risk merchant account solution for an alternative payment methods.

Costa Rica Gaming license

Costa Rica Gaming License is now offering Express Approval for the issuing of a Costa Rica Gaming License.The Government Approved Data Processing License has recognized world wide for the last 15 years as a gaming license and can now be issued to your company as quickly as 3-4 weeks vs 12 weeks that is now current standard to have this government license issued. Please contact us directly for addition information on our Express License Approval offering and join the many hundreds of successful gaming sites that operate under a Costa Rica License.

Offshore Banking

Offshore Bank Account

We also offer offshore bank account solution from Western Europe to use for your settlement account. Our banking contacts can have your no hassle bank account opened within 72 hrs of receiving your information. You will open your bank account online and never have to fly to Europe to open your bank account in person.

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credit card

There are hundreds of processing companies for you to select from, but how do you know which one you should trust? Are they affordable? Are they reliable and trustworthy The Internet is your best bet for finding the right credit card processing solution and an online pharmacy merchant account. Make sure your do your homework in advance to determine which one has the features you need and are looking for an online merchant account and a High Risk Credit Card Processing.

First, though reliability and trust is most important as we have outlined above and we are sure you will find that is your trusted solution. Some Credit card processors do not charge a start up fee, while others can charge a start up fee. You want to make sure you choose a company that is both affordable for you and worth any addition costs.

It is important that you investigate any other fees that may be required. Most credit card solutions charge monthly fees. For example a gateway fee may cost you around a $100.00 per month. You might have a statement fee as well charged to you each month of $25.00 and the charge back fees may be around $35.00 per transaction.Then there is the discount rate and that rate varies on what product your web site will be offering online.

The fees continue as your site will also have to deal with transaction fees. Per transaction fees average are normally $1.00 for high risk merchant account, online pharmacy merchant account or casino merchant account transactions. Some credit card processing companies also charge the site owner charge a fee for address verification for transactions for replica merchant account and tobacco merchant account.